Areas of law

areas of law:

Labour Criminal Law

Criminal law does not stop in the working environment.  The withholding and misappropriation of wages and any voluntary irregularities for payment and non-payment of social insurance contributions are punishable within the central regulation in the criminal code. In addition the (partial) non-payment of wages, e.g. for negotiated or statutory minimum wage, constitutes a criminal offence. In such cases a person is not only threatened with punishment but also with substantial arrears payments. For this reason early advice and defence is advisable if the company or sole trader is confronted with looming irregularities in this area.

Numerous further fines and criminal offences belong to the criminal law regarding labour which can be found dispersed among different legislation. For example, offences in connection with illegal employment, the fines and criminal offences of the Act on Combating Clandestine Employment, the Law on Temporary Employment, the Occupational Safety Act, the Works Constitution Act and the administrative offences of the Posted Workers Directive.