Galen Rechtsanwälte is a law firm whose origin lies with the belief in socially committed criminal defence. Today, we are mainly active in the field of law relating to economic offences, although there are occasions in which we are involved in general criminal law cases. Criminal law is the seismograph of society. Our mission is to keep the level of interference down and to protect our clients from the impact of criminal proceedings as much as permitted within the rule of law.  

We advise and defend companies and individuals nationwide. Our activity extends in particular to the criminal aspects of tax and duty law, accounting, banking and capital market law, insolvency law, competition law, as well as general crimes relating to assets and corruption. In addition, we take on criminal cases in the field of health care.

We also serve as witnesses to legal counsel in committees of inquiry and criminal proceedings.

We offer advice and defence counsel in cross-border cases and work together with a network of colleagues abroad which we have built up over many years.

Following many years of experience in the voluntary professional supervision of lawyers, we represent members of the liberal professions (doctors, lawyers, notaries, accountants, tax consultants) in professional legal procedures and advise on occupational law issues.

Another area of our activity is advising on compliance. With our forensic experience, we see the possibility for the early detection of criminal law issues and the averting of injury to companies and also to individuals. We accompany internal corporate criminal investigations and act as external ombudsman for various companies, such as the Deutsche Bahn AG and KPMG. We see the establishment of an external ombudsman as an instrument of crime prevention – early detection of issues allows for company-internal clarification, without the involvement of state agencies.

Finally, we would like to highlight our activities in the legal issues of prostitution. With a background of commitment to the improvement of the legal status of prostitutes, we have been working in this area for a long time, and have been involved as experts in policy development.

By volunteering on various committees we have an influence on the political developments in criminal law and on professional legal issues. Along with this we also participate in the discourse on academic issues through published articles.